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Your domain is your unique identity on the web. It consists of three parts: prefix.yourname.suffix.

You may have a domain or we can register one for you. We will provide zone file configuration details to attach your services.

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Hosting a website need not be complicated. We support two basic forms of hosting, each having advantages. Click on the panels below for more information.

CMS (Content Management System) Hosting provides many resources configured for your website. Within a short period of time you can get your content on the web and then customise a template. We highly recommend WordPress for its straight forward operation, rich set of template resources and plug-in resources to support blogs, social media, ecommerce, galleries, publishing, and more.

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Cloud based services scale more effectively. We help you manage a huge web based resource (40 Gig storage in fast SSD Drives, 2TB transfer) mangaged with Fast NGinx SSL and regular web services, plus dedicated smaller hosts configured as secure Database servers, secure mail servers or dedicated game servers. We only charge on a monthly basis, POA.

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Software Antelope provides hosting on a monthly or annual subscription. Your website may be developed on our CMS hosting resources and then upgraded to our high speed Cloud. A clear, simple, flexible and cost effective solution to both web development and hosting.

Annual subscription deals
CMS (incluidng ecommerce) one year subscription.
Cloud one year subscription.


Bespoke Development Services

Got a great online business idea? Software development of full-stack web systems with databases and front end user interfaces. Agile development reviewed every two weeks charged on a contractual daily rate basis, or if you have a specification we can provide an estimate of costs to achieve development stages. Services are provided on a contract or consultancy basis.

Software Stack

Agile Development

Stake-holders track progress and collaborate on development projects. Agile development is supported by a task board and a software repository, to a) plan out each delivery stage with client oversight of actions agreed, and b) secure softwarwe update delvery.

Agile means constant reviewing of project goals, plus an ability to adapt to changing conditions and new ideas. Most customers prefer to work this way.


Waterfall Development

To deliver software project to plan every stage is detailed in a prepared specification document. We can provide an estimate on the scope of a project. Tracking a waterfall project is less flexible as goals should not change. It is sometimes preferable to implement a solid idea, but in our changing world, Agile development is usually more appropriate.



Major contracts of engagement with Software Antelope are managed via a third party agency, or directly with our Standard Agile Contract. Get in touch with our developer directly in the first instance.


Onsite or remote services by a consultant developer with server and frontend skills to implement your business idea. We provide an estimate and invoice every two weeks. For full profile of our consultant, see Linkedin profile.


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